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What is a Thermal  Infrared Inspection?
Thermal Infrared imaging quickly and accurately identifies areas that may be compromised long before any ill effects are discovered inside a building, saving interior repair.
When compared to dealing with a catastrophic loss of a failed roof or exterior, annual thermal imaging and preventive maintenance is a clear winner.

3 Different Types of Thermal Infrared Imaging

Aerial Drone
Building Envelope
Roof Inspections
We fly over the roof to create a thermal image of your structure. We create a color coded thermograph indicating warmer areas and cooler areas. If moisture has infiltrated the roof substrates, those areas will retain more heat allowing us to identify roof integrity concerns you may not be aware of.
Infrared imaging is the most effective technology for assessing the performance of the “thermal envelope” in calculating energy efficiency and determining defects.
An infrared survey provides information on air infiltration, air exfiltration, moist insulation, insulation voids and moisture problems within the wall assembly.
Infrared roof inspection is a proven method for detecting trapped  moisture problems in flat roofs.  Infrared roof Thermography can prevent equipment down time, production losses and help building owners and property management companies find roof problems when apartments below have become compromised by roof leaks.

If your roofing company equipped each of their service technicians with state of the art Infrared Camera to detect and fix roof leaks BEFORE they happen!  
Even more important than being equipped is the opportunity to be invited to inspect ;)

During Bi-Annual Preventative Maintenance (PM) Roof Inspections, we use Thermal Cameras to detect water intrusion invisible to the naked eye.

Data shows that Fixing leaks BEFORE they cause interior damage saves $400 and $1200 on average!

PM Roof contracts has saved Homeowner and Condominium  Associations Millions over the years...
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Infrared Thermography
Infrared thermography is an excellent investigative tool used for a multitude of building-specific applications, including roof investigations. Before the use of infrared, roofing professionals had to go to great lengths to detect leaks caused by moisture intrusion.
The roof emits infrared radiation, according to the laws described by Planck, Stefan-Boltzman, and Kirchhoff. An infrared imager converts invisible infrared radiation into a visible image by detecting the incoming infrared electromagnetic energy and intensities from the roof with its detector. 
Understanding and using thermography to detect a roof leak or wet insulation is much more difficult than just pointing and shooting a thermal imager. Experts need to spend many months as active thermographers and go through many hours of training to achieve competency. In the hands of a trained professional, though, roof leaks
can be detected in a variety of ways using infrared thermography. 
“ For the radiance of eternity is not white: it is infra-red.”
~ Sir Arthur Charles Clarke
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