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What are Your Roofing Options?
Modern Technology provides options for rehabilitating your Commercial Roof that have come to market in the past 5 years and known by less than 3% of Facility Managers and Property Owners.



Rehabilitating a roof should be considered prior to a roof replacement. In addition to the cost savings, in many cases we can offer a better warranty on the work and materials than if we did a complete tear down. 

When you factor in business closure, the weather, and the unexpected, we have not yet found a case where we recommended a replacement over a cool-roof rehabilitation for your existing structure.
The Decision to replace a commercial roof should not be made lightly. Nor is it a subject that generally comes up outside of endemic leaking or catastrophic failure. Below you will find information regarding different roofing systems. Each system has unique properties and applications.

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Rehabilitation before Replacement

Cool Roof Coatings

  • Up to 50 year renewable warranty  -  Can even coat for 10 year warranty and then renew after that!

  • 100% Waterproof Factory Mutual Approved Coating Systems!

  • Impervious to flat or ponding water that do not erode over time like Acrylics!

  • Coatings have reduced our client’s roof temperatures by over 20% during the summer, translating into up to 30% decrease in your energy bills!

  • This also means the HVAC controlling the temperatures don’t have to work as hard, extending the life and reducing maintenance costs over the long term!

  • If you keep your coating current You will never have to replace your roof!

  • The Best Part - our system qualifies as a maintenance coating for tax purposes! Meaning the entire price may be written off after the first year instead of being carried out over decades like a full roof replacement. Our system may also qualify for additional Energy Star incentives as well!

Replacement Options - Types of Flat Roof

In the event your roof cannot be rehabilitated we can work with you to select and install one of the following roof systems

BUR - Built Up Roof (Tar & Gravel)
A built-up roof (Smooth Built-Up, Ballasted Built-Up, or Tar and Gravel) is a class of low-slope roof that consist of laying down several layers of tar and water resistant materials and then covered with gravel.

Many old buildings with low slope or flat roofs are topped with built-up roofing made from layers of asphalt-coated roofing felt. The top layer is usually covered with rock or gravel, which serves as a ballast to hold the roofing material down and protect it from UV damage. Built-Up Roofs with gravel surfacing are also known as Tar and Gravel roofs. Typical life span of a built-up roof is 10 to 20 years depending on weather conditions.
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is durable and resistant to general wear and tear and an excellent material for low slope roofing applications. EPDM roofing is a synthetic rubber that acts as a roofing membrane special for flat roofs.

One of the longest lasting types of commercial roofs available, EPDM commercial roofing systems are also typically easier to install, maintain and repair than most other types of commercial roofs.
TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin or Polyolefin) membranes are single-ply roof membranes constructed from ethylene propylene rubber. They are designed to combine the durability of rubber with the proven performance of hot-air weldable seams. They have been tested as having excellent resistance to ozone, are algae-resistant, environmentally friendly and safe to install. TPO roofs can be expected to have a lifespan of 20+ years, and also feature a high resistance to fire, punctures, chemicals and high winds.
Modified Bitumen
Modified Bitumen is a roofing membrane consisting of asphalt and plastic or rubber polymers, and is therefore widely considered an evolution of asphalt built up roofing. Modified bitumen displays the built in redundancy of asphalt built up, as well as the UV resistance and flexibility of a modified membrane. 

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A single phone call with a certified roof inspector may provide a valuable perpective in a relatively short amount of time!
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